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A DUI charge can be a devastating thing to have on your record as it affects a person’s ability to drive to work and loss of a job. Insurance rates will jump to 4 times the amount and court fine, jail time and a criminal record will follow.

Mr. Erickson has been practicing this area of law since he was honorably discharged from the military in 1996. That is when he accepted a job with the Orangeburg Public Defenders Office and after winning 80% of his trials, decided that he could do this on his own. He opened his office in 1998.

Current DUI Law:

South Carolina Code Section 56-5-2953 says that a person who violates Section 56-5-2930, 56-5-2933 or 56-5-2945 must have his conduct at the incident site and breath site recorded…

This is the only crime in South Carolina which must be recorded on video!

The implied consent law states that people must blow into a breathalyzer or have their driver’s license suspended for 6 months.

Success rates:

Mr. Erickson has kept track of every DUI case that he has represented his clients.

  1. Refusal to blow on the Datamaster: 90% success rate of Not Guilty of DUI*
  2.  Blowing on the Breathalyzer Datamaster: 80% success rate of Not Guilty of DUI*

*Results are based upon calculations of the last 150 DUI cases

These success rates do not happen by accident. Beaufort County is among the toughest law enforcement jurisdictions in the country by the fact that the police agencies have a "no plea-bargain to Reckless Driving Rule." Justice for these clients must be won in court!

DISCLAIMER: Any result Erickson Law Firm LLC obtains does not necessarily indicate similar results can be achieved for other clients.

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